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Dedication to His Highness Prince Ismail Daoud
Three men drove out of Cairo one beautiful spring night and chatted for an hour near the Great Pyramid. One of them was Your Highness, another was tbt Ambassador of a certain Oriental Power, while the third was the Scribe of these notes of travel and thought. Your Highness made the remark that it would be difficult to find in present-day Egypt any traces of the unusual spirituality or strange Magic which lure me from land to land in their quest. On several other occasions you repeated the same opinion.
Despite that., I persisted with my search and found a few things which I deemed likely to interest the people of the West. If I offer them to jour Highness also, it is because I venture to hope that you will glean from them a further glimpse of the faith that holds me, and perhaps understand a little better why I bold it. And I offer the dedication of this record, too, as an insignificant token of my pleasure in that personal regard which subsists, irrespective of intellectual differences, between us.
Finally, let these pages stand as a tribute to Egypt) the country whose modern face you know so well and whose ancient fames attract me so mwb* If I may be permitted to revise the old Roman phrase, I should add: "He who has once drunk Nile water, must ever be a friend to those who dwell on that mighty river's banks''